Episode #17: Sophie Stevens

✨✨fresh perspective on the highs and lows of Winnipeg music // sub-lyricism // how to say nice things // AND MORE✨✨ • We cut deep with Sophie Stevens. You may have seen her around playing music with @micaherenbergofficial or releasing music twice a week via Facebook and wondered, who is this youngin’ and where did she come…
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Episode #16: Brock Macpherson  

Episode #15: Brett Ticzon

✨✨ Royal rumbles // Movie music videos // His take on the local scene // His own podcast announcement // AND MORE✨✨ • We definitely had a lot of fun with Brett Ticzon and got a little bit silly with it. He has been interviewed before so we tried to cut deep with him which resulted…
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Episode #14: Natalie & Carol-Ann Bohrn

✨✨ Inspiration through osmosis // “Understanding” each others art // Moving to Winnipeg // BE WEIRD // AND MORE✨✨ • We sat down with the Natalie and Carol-Ann Bohrn! Carol-Ann is a contemporary dancer that you may have seen in some local music videos and Natalie is a bassist in just about every local band, namely her own project…
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Episode #13: E.GG

Working the festival circuit // E. GG’s most influential albums // Censoring lyrics // Relationships with women in the home and the music scene // AND MORE • We cut deep with E.GG solo artist and member of @threepeatmusic. Love talking to people in scenes we aren’t part of and E.GG was super kind and…
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