Category: Artistry

Episode #75: Osani Balkaran

supporting local programs, collaborations, indigenous art AND MORE• This week we cut deep with Osani Balkaran, rapper The O.B. and Studio 393 instructor. As one of the many amazing shows for the wall to wall mural festival, The O.B. will be performing songs from his debut album at the ballroom. Osani tells us about his…
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Episode #74: Rachel Andrushuk

spreadsheets, making connections, the benefits of upcoming workshops AND MORE• This week we cut deep with creative Manitoba training programs manager, Rachel Andrushuk. Starting out with volunteering with Manitoba arts programs and working her way up to her current position, Rachel is organizing and managing workshops for local artists. She also has started working as…
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Episode #68: Winnipeg Folk Festival

Thank you for your patience everyone! Here is our Winnipeg Folk Festival local artist wrap-up! We are grateful to everyone who took the time to talk to us and we hope you enjoy hearing all the lovely stories we collected for this audio collage of the 46th annual festival. • • •

Episode #65: Dan Dorge

just going for it, pushing your limits, creating community, AND MORE• Starting this week we will be presenting interviews as park of our Winnipeg Folk Festival Feature Series. This week we cut deep with Dan Dorge, creator of the stunning Muisiriún Illuminé, the 10 foot tall glowing mushroom that lights up the festival campground. Have…
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Episode #63: Lizzy Burt / Bev

memorizing music, finding your groove, the art of framing, AND MORE• This week we cut deep with Lizzy Burt and Bev, respectively and interchangeably. @lizzy.burt is currently part of band @juniperbushband but we take a little time travel back to the days of learning guitar and looping with her former well known and celebrated two-piece…
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