Episode #3: Craig Adolphe

Dealing with haters // Working conditions for journalists // Making mistakes // AND MORE • We talk with Craig Adolphe this week! Jared’s roommate, ex-editor in chief, ex-managing editor, ex-news editor, ex-Olivia’s boss, and current board member at The Manitoban, currently working on his thesis!!! With everything going on in the world of print media…
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Episode #2: Sara Wray Enns

Project management // Making a playlist // GRL POWER and role models // AND MORE • We are STOKED to present you with wise words from the Master of the Millennial Hustle, Sara Wray Enns. A DJ, composer, economist, who likes to curl.

Episode #1: Jodi Dunlop

How to take criticism // Cat motherhood // The relationship between visual art and music // AND MORE • This week we were stoked to cut deep with writer, visual artists, and drummer of local band Mise en Scene, JODI DUNLOP. • Here’s a pic of Jodi and Miri falling in love.