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Whether you’re catching up on all the action, or listening to some of your favourites; here are some of our most recent episodes of the podcast.

Nickybaby – Nickybaby (Album Review)

Nickybaby’s debut self-titled album is a perfect compliment to the last few weeks of winter. Somber and honest, at times depressing but comforting. The album is littered with humour which[…]

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Festival du Voyageur 2023: Weekend One

Festival du Voyageur’s opening weekend did not disappoint, featuring national and local talent (with a handful of international artists), the 53rd annual festival continues to keep us warm and happy[…]

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Episode #103: Winnipeg Folk Festival Pt. 2 w/ Zrada

As part of Winnipeg Folk Fest coverage we got to sit down with two members of Zrada, Andriy Michalchyshyn and Nick Luchak! We chatted about defining their sound and finding[…]

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