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Whether you’re catching up on all the action, or listening to some of your favourites; here are some of our most recent episodes of the podcast.

Episode #101: Janet Adamana

assembling a team, starting from square one, tables turning, AND MORE This week we cut deep with founder, graphic designer, and journalist for local music publication Sound, Phrase, & Fury,[…]

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Episode #100: Julie Gendron

defining digital art, where’s Winnipeg?, Merging Mindsets, AND MORE Julie Gendron, multi-disciplinary artist and conference coordinator and art director for the Merging Mindsets Conference happening this weekend, March 13&14. We[…]

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Synonym Sound Launch

For over seven years, Synonym Art Consultation has been synonymous with art in Winnipeg. They’ve firmly rooted themselves in the vibrant fabric that paints our city. Wall-to-Wall Mural & Culture[…]

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