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Episode #70: Sean Kaye

collaborative wake, juggling practices, hiccups with band names, AND MORE• This week we cut deep with Sean Kaye with and exhaustingly long list of bands including guitar in witchtrip and nicecops, drums in ceilings, bass in elder abuse, hit sewer, locked in, lowser, golden god, produces records with little cowboy records and possessed records and…
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Episode #69: Stefan Hodges

quiet practices, moving on, the nostalgia factor, AND MORE• This week we cut deep with Stefan Hodges who just had his final performance with @animaltooths this past Friday after playing together for 9 years. Take a listen at this immediately relevant time capsule to before the show when we reflect on the history of the…
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Episode #68: Winnipeg Folk Festival

Thank you for your patience everyone! Here is our Winnipeg Folk Festival local artist wrap-up! We are grateful to everyone who took the time to talk to us and we hope you enjoy hearing all the lovely stories we collected for this audio collage of the 46th annual festival. • • •

Episode #67: Sam Sarty

VHS tapes, fainting at choral performances, practicing your ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ AND MORE• We bring to you another interview as part of our Winnipeg Folk Festival Feature Series. This week we cut deep with Sam Sarty, indie star as seen in @veneer, @baseballhero, and playing Friday at this years WFF as lead singer, trombonist, and keyboardist…
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Episode #66: Christine Fellows

Winnipeg is weird, progress in the scene, music parenting, AND MORE• We bring to you another interview as part of our @winnipeg folk festival series. This week we cut deep with Christine Fellows, long time Winnipegger and beloved singer/songwriter. Her resume is never-ending so let’s just leave it at, we had a lot to talk…
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