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Episode #26: Olivia Michalczuk & Jared Gauthier

✨✨ what does a PCW interview look like // do we exist outside the podcast // “just ask” // AND MORE✨✨ • It’s us! Cancellations are all part of the game and we have got some really great last minute guests. With encouragement from Jared’s roommate, we were our last minute guests! Have a listen…
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Episode #25: Wesley Keeley

✨✨ working in the radio industry // the REAL truth about the decibel metre // owning a business // AND MORE✨✨ • This week we cut deep with renaissance man of sorts, Wesley Keeley. Wes has made a career as a media professional making stops in broadcast studios, arenas and just about everywhere in between, including your…
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Episode #19: Chris Curpen

✨✨Trippy local music// Redesigning the world with love // What will he do with all those videos // AND MORE✨✨ • Bands are only as good as the fans who love them so this week we cut deep with Chris Curpen! You may have seen Chris in the front row of local shows or just spreading…
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Episode #18: Ticketmomster

✨✨ Maintaining mystique// Creative concert writing ideas // The Winnipeg jazz scene // AND MORE✨✨ • We cut deep with @ticketmomsters. A local anonymous concert story teller and stay at home mom who attends shows of local, national, and internationally known bands and posts her experience on Facebook. Her venture has caught the attention of around 2000…
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Episode #11: Alex Kohut

Talking about clothes like cars // vintage shop hot spots // tweed bike rides // AND MORE • We cut deep with Alex Kohut. Founder of The Vintage Saint, vox for Pleasure Dens and part of the Yes Wave Promotion team • Photo by Luke Tokaryk (@lukelukeluke on Instagram)