Episode #12: Charlotte Friesen

Episode #12: Charlotte Friesen

✨✨ Tone tone tone // partial band membership // playing at the planetarium // AND MORE✨✨ •

We cut deep with @charlottejfriesen. Guitarist for @atlaasmusic @cassidymann @bandcalledbeth AND @kippwalrus! This one is so so interesting, we put Charlotte on the hot seat and asked all the burning questions about guitar and being a performer! •
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  1. Sunday 22 April 2018 at 19:33

    Thank you so much for this series! While the (Canadian) Douglas Brothers play Urban Folk, we do like to put our 31 toes into many other types of music, the original band Paisley being one that we enjoyed hearing Charlotte Friesen’s sparkling guitar work with. It’s rumoured that the drummer in that band is related to us, somehow. Winnipeg is known for it’s incestuous band member borrowing, so anything is possible, we suppose. We are also advocates for lighter guitars like Fender Stratocasters and Gibson SGs over the leaden Les Pauls and such. We all have back issues, after 34 years as professional entertainers. We wonder if Charlotte has heard of Daisy Rock Guitars? We don’t get any kickbacks from mentioning Daisy Rock Guitars, nope, not us. One or two of the family have seen ATLAAS, and we enjoyed that ride too. But no Daisy Rock Guitars unfortunately. We’ll try to see Cassidy Mann, Beth, and Kipp Walrus this summer, when we usually have the Douglas Brothers Family Reunion and Music Show, featuring the Jamaican Douglas Brothers (who play Reggae), the Canadian Douglas Brothers (who play Urban Folk), the American Douglas Brothers (who play Bluegrass), the other American Douglas Brothers (who play Blues-Rock, hide the spirits when they finish their set, they’re trouble) and the crowd pleasing American Hip-Hop Douglas Brothers (who are very young but rhyme like 2Pac). Daisy Rock Guitars will have their booth to sell their fine products, as always.

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