Episode #33: John Einarson

Episode #33: John Einarson

✨✨ invaluable interview tips // the divergent paths of Bachman and Cummings // money in the music industry // AND MORE✨✨

This week we cut deep with John Einarson, retired teacher, guitarist, respected rock music historian with 14 books under his belt, teacher of a variety of classes at McNally Robinson, and frequent contributed to the Winnipeg Free Press. This interview is long and worth every second. We are just excited it’s out to be able to share. The knowledge all crammed in to the brain of one human is remarkable and this is a great interview to send to any musician, journalist, fact lover, drama lover, or music lover of ANY AGE (seriously we are sending this to our moms.) It’s like a Winnipeg music TED talk peppered with drama and it is excellent! •


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