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Season Two Premiere – Episode #44: Anthony Carvalho

✨✨ rap dadding // producing records // diversity and accessibility // AND MORE✨✨ •

Welcome to season 2! This week we cut deep with @tony4qr@threepeatmusic DJ and manager, founder of Winnipeg’s hip hop collective @fourthquarterrecords, cohost of “Now You Know Podcast,” and ex hip hop radio host. We talk about the writing process for the members of 3peat, touring Canada and Europe as the fourth member of the band, how being a dad has changed his life when it comes to making records and packing snacks, and the condition of the local hip hop scene. Here’s a pic of Tony repping his ceinture for their @fdvoyageur 3peat. • link in bio. Intro “Stanley Cup” by trío telfær.

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