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Episode #83: Jane Testar + Liz Quesnel

✨ standing up for yourself, picking up new instruments, juxtaposing style and sound, AND MORE✨

This week we cut deep with two members of the Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir, Jane Testar and Liz Quenel. Don’t let the name of the “choir” fool you! This is not a choir but a 10 person band, all of whom sing as well as play instruments. We talk to them about the beginnings of the act transforming into a band who will be having their first album release this week! If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them perform at festivals or events, we highly recommend checking them out. We talk about their stage outifits and how they come off much different then what they sing about as well as the struggles and triumphs they have faced together in the music scene. We can’t wait to have the other 8 members in for our next season because they are all extremely talented in other mediums of art as well!


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