Category: Performing Arts

Episode #90: Ace Burpee (Season Three Premiere)

it’s hard taking the high road, The Edge, imagination and going outside, AND MORE• Welcome to the season 3 premiere of Paper Cut! To open our season is host of the 103.1 morning show for 15 years Ace Burpee. Ace takes us through his days in rural Manitoba to his current infamous position on local…
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Episode #80: Liam Zarrillo

theatre vs. film, cohesive roles, pushing your boundaries AND MORE• This week we cut deep with actor, poet, writer, and director, Liam Zarrillo. Liam is a full time school teacher who also finds the time to actively participate in the arts including film and theatre. Liam talks about his experience acting in film “Ruthless Souls”…
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Episode #68: Winnipeg Folk Festival

Thank you for your patience everyone! Here is our Winnipeg Folk Festival local artist wrap-up! We are grateful to everyone who took the time to talk to us and we hope you enjoy hearing all the lovely stories we collected for this audio collage of the 46th annual festival. • • •

Episode #55: Brandi Olenick

girls rock Winnipeg, creative spaces, letting it go and standing up for yourself, AND MORE• This week we cut deep with Brandi Olenick. Not only has Brandi been part of the local music scene for over 20 years, but she is also the founder of the Winnipeg branch of Girls Rock Camps. She talks to…
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Episode #48: Alexa Potashnik

beat battles // leadership roles // pushing yourself and others // AND MORE • This week we cut deep with founder of Black Space Winnipeg, vocal percussionist, social activist Alexa Potashnik. We talk about managing your time with so many projects, oppression in the school systems, and trying to turn off your brain and focus…
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