Category: Performing Arts

Episode #37: Sarah Davey

✨✨ what do ballet dancers do off stage // keeping costumes? // eating pizza // AND MORE✨✨ • This week we cut deep with ballet dancer @davey.s_ from the @rwballet. Sarah is a second soloist and will be performing Handmade’s Tale this week (did you know folks under 35 get discount tix?!) It’s amazing to find out how…
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Episode #21: Elissa Black Wolf Kixen

✨✨tips to polish your comedy // learning from being uncomfortable // people of colour in comedy // AND MORE✨✨ • We cut deep with comedian and comedy producer Elissa Black Wolf Kixen. They have created space for diverse comedians at Woke Comedy Hour and continues to advocate for diversity in Winnipeg’s comedy scene. •  …
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Episode #14: Natalie & Carol-Ann Bohrn

✨✨ Inspiration through osmosis // “Understanding” each others art // Moving to Winnipeg // BE WEIRD // AND MORE✨✨ • We sat down with the Natalie and Carol-Ann Bohrn! Carol-Ann is a contemporary dancer that you may have seen in some local music videos and Natalie is a bassist in just about every local band, namely her own project…
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