Episode #38: Peatr Thomas

Episode #38: Peatr Thomas

✨✨ urban art // youth education // letting it go // AND MORE✨✨ •

This week we cut deep with cree visual artist @thunderbird431. His resume is long and we try to get to to most of it. From paper to murals, to tshirts, he has done it all. So many great lessons came from this cast and we are excited to share them with you. We get into his biggest influences and how he got started in art, pretty wonderful story. In this cast he covers his work with @theedgegallery@graffitiartprog@wag_ca@fridayknightsclothing@synonymartconsultation, and more! • link in bio



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  1. Tom Michalczuk says:

    Peatr Thomas episode was one of the most interesting of all time.Very informative and cut deep.Exactly what you intended to do.Was interested from start to finish.(This is from someone who has listened to every episode).The Winnipeg arts community should be very proud of your show.

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