Episode #88: Jorge Requena Ramos

Episode #88: Jorge Requena Ramos

✨ loving the West End, programming for emotional connection vs. “genre”, Mariachi Ghost’s biggest fan base (and why it’s not Mexico,) AND MORE✨

This week we cut deep with Jorge Requena Ramos, artistic director of the West End Cultural Centre, vocalist and guitarist for Mariachi Ghost, and photographer, director, actor, and writer. You may have seen him with his very popular local band who all wear day of the dead make up, Mariachi outfits, and feature a contemporary dancer as one of their band mates!

We talk about the process of their seven year in the making album. We dive in to the visual, theatrical, and musical authenticity featured on the album. Jorge also shares his work with the WECC and how he is approaching the position to include more community work and wrap around artist support! If you ever wanted to play the WECC, have a listen! We knew Jorge would be a great interview but really, we weren’t expecting everything Jorge shared with us! Truly incredible.


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