Photo of Lindsay Thomson by BNB Studios   Humble, enthusiastic, talented and raring to go, Lindsay Thomson is the face of the band LLUX, a musical project that is brand new to the Winnipeg scene. Though they’ve only had a handful of local shows, LLUX is already set to release their debut album. The band…
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Quick Cuts 02 w/ Muzo

This episode of Quick Cuts we’re joined by local artist Muzo. We discuss his new single “Celebrate” which was released after a musical hiatus. He also recorded, edited, and released his own video with his fiancée using an iPhone! Find out what Muzo is all about and what you can expect from him the future.…
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Quick Cuts 01 w/ Joey De Castro

In our first of our Quarantine Quick Cuts, we sit down (remotely) with Joey De Castro to talk about the release of his new single In The Morning, his recording process, favourite binge watches right now and more. Also, check out our article premiering Leche Flan’s new single In The Morning!

Leche Flan ‘In The Morning’ Single Release

For band Leche Flan, the music is just as sweet as the dessert. After taking a hiatus, Joey De Castro is back to making music as Leche Flan. His DIY approach to recording started in his basement and he recruited some of Winnipeg’s local mainstays to build on his budding ideas. When De Castro has…
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Episode #101: Janet Adamana

assembling a team, starting from square one, tables turning, AND MORE This week we cut deep with founder, graphic designer, and journalist for local music publication Sound, Phrase, & Fury, Janet Adamana. We talk about where it all began and how Janet’s passion has evolved in to a beautiful and highly anticipated bimonthly online music…
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