Episode #96: Maribeth Tabanera

Episode #96: Maribeth Tabanera

✨ Defining street styles, learning to slow down, giving back to the community AND MORE✨

This week we cut deep with professional educator, pro street styles dancer and choreographer, and DJ, Kilusan. @maribeth.tabenara is such a ray of sunshine and we were so happy to have someone come in and share with us the mysterious world (to us) of street styles dance competitions in Winnipeg and around the world. There isn’t a moment in this podcast with a lull, she is a great speaker and educator and we had SO. MANY. QUESTIONS! Maribeth also shares with us an event that happened in her busy life many years ago which resulted in learning to slow down and she teaches us some great things about time management and self respect. We’re telling you, this episode is jam packed with the most interesting, uplifting, and inspiring words.


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