Episode #18: Ticketmomster

✨✨ Maintaining mystique// Creative concert writing ideas // The Winnipeg jazz scene // AND MORE✨✨ • We cut deep with @ticketmomsters. A local anonymous concert story teller and stay at home mom who attends shows of local, national, and internationally known bands and posts her experience on Facebook. Her venture has caught the attention of around 2000…
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Episode #17: Sophie Stevens

✨✨fresh perspective on the highs and lows of Winnipeg music // sub-lyricism // how to say nice things // AND MORE✨✨ • We cut deep with Sophie Stevens. You may have seen her around playing music with @micaherenbergofficial or releasing music twice a week via Facebook and wondered, who is this youngin’ and where did she come…
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Episode #16: Brock Macpherson  

Episode #15: Brett Ticzon

✨✨ Royal rumbles // Movie music videos // His take on the local scene // His own podcast announcement // AND MORE✨✨ • We definitely had a lot of fun with Brett Ticzon and got a little bit silly with it. He has been interviewed before so we tried to cut deep with him which resulted…
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Episode #14: Natalie & Carol-Ann Bohrn

✨✨ Inspiration through osmosis // “Understanding” each others art // Moving to Winnipeg // BE WEIRD // AND MORE✨✨ • We sat down with the Natalie and Carol-Ann Bohrn! Carol-Ann is a contemporary dancer that you may have seen in some local music videos and Natalie is a bassist in just about every local band, namely her own project…
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