Episode #94: Jordan Stranger

Episode #94: Jordan Stranger

✨ Festival du Voyageur logo, adapting to big changes, instinctual inspiration, AND MORE✨

This week we cut deep with graphic artists and painter Jordan Stranger. You may recognize @totemdoodem murals featured at the Forks and on Main Street, but most recently he designed the @fdvoyageur logo for 2020. We talk to Jordan about going to school and the challenging learning curve he faced and overcame in a tremendous way, as evident by his work. We also talk about his father Wayne Stranger and how his art and determination was a huge part of motivating Jordan to create. We are so grateful for the inspiration we left this interview with and if you take one thing away from this interview, it’s keep working towards what you love no matter what.


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  1. Tom says:

    What an excellent show.The question were well thought out .The guest was very interesting and well spoken.He seems to be a very talented,very determined and very polite gentleman.This is a show worth listening to.Well spent 38 minutes.

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